Lone Star F.O.O.L.S.

Pride ・ Tradition ・ Training ・ Brotherhood

Why Lone Star F.O.O.L.S.?

Like anything, The F.O.O.L.S. isn't for everyone.  The F.O.O.L.S. is an organization that believes in providing service to our communities and we are constantly searching for ways to grow in this regard.  We believe that WORK is the answer and that sometimes we need to reach out and rely on one another to be Successful.  Below you will find a few things that we have going on as a chapter, some are reserved for members and some everyone has access to. 


Monthly Fire Hose Sermons


Once a month we get together at a local coffee shop, solve the worlds problems, and give everyone an update on where we are as a chapter.

  • discussion on topics sent out in advance
    • open to all, members or not and all ranks
  • Chapter updates
  • Upcoming events 
  • a chance for face to face feedback from our members and those in attendance

Training Events


As a chapter we are dedicated to providing solid training and helping members of the fire service grow in the areas of skill, trade, and leadership. currently we have been hosting one class for the chapter (raise funds to help the chapter get Through  the year) and benefit classes aimed at helping someone in the region in their time of need.  

  • One major class (aimed at helping the chapter)
  • benefit classes (both hands on and lecture) for those in need
  • currently in search of ways to have member only classes (one way to get your dues back)



starting in 2018 the Lone Star Chapter of the F.O.O.L.S. will host the WORK conference.  a training event, yes, but we feel it was important enough to have it own section.  The WORK conference is a partnership between the members of our chapter and instructors around the country to help give back to the blue collar industry that has given us so much.  You see, we were built by the trades, folks who used to be happy just turning a wrench, fitting pipe, or framing homes were among the many who eventually put on the maltese cross.  a vision of a few our members, it is our goal to be able to give back to those that have built us.  all profits from the conference will be going to Mike Rowe Works in an effort to help folks get involved and get into the industry they are seeking.

for more info on WORK and to register please click on the link below.

Lone Star F.O.O.L.S. Partnership


In 2017 the board that serves the Lone Star Chapter of the F.O.O.L.S. decided that it was time to give back to those giving of themselves to our chapter and more importantly, the fire service.  Through our membership renewal process we have been able to secure all of our renewal dues for the year into a scholarship program.  all of our members who are in good standing and are wishing to take a class that they or their department do not have the funds to pay for have the chance to apply.  it has been decided that this is more of a partnership in that folks who are giving of themselves are rewarded for what they have put in to the chapter and the local fire service.  

So why join?

Our chapter is full of members who are eagerly seeking to learn and aim at mastering their craft.  we have members from the very young/inexperienced through the rank of chief who all have the same thing in common, to move the fire service forward.  if constantly learning from those around you, improving your skills, and giving back to your fire service/local community are what you are looking for then we urge you to come to one of our sermons/other events (1st sunday of every month) and see what we are up to.  


for more information on how to become a member and to fill out a member interest card please click the link below.